The Story of Granny’s 420 Balm

Posted on: July 13th, 2011     by Granny G

It started with sore, aching feet... Granny has chronic foot and ankle pain due to one leg that’s shorter than its mate. The Other Granny has diabetic neuropathy - nerve pain that made her feet feel like pins and needles stabbing deep. Ouch!

So Granny used time-honored methods to turn herbs, waxes and emollients into a creamy balm that makes our feet say “Aahhh.”


Kitchen Witchin' with Granny

Posted on: May 1st, 2014     by Granny G

Baking is like alchemy, a pinch of this and and ounce of that. Tempered with fire, the ingredients are transformed into something delicious and magical, chock-full of Granny Love. Granny enjoys creating, and it shows in every item she bakes! Taste the goodness!